Thursday, May 20, 2010

Houseparty is a great party hosting website. I found out about them a couple of months ago and have already hosted two parties.

If you go to you can sign up. Once you are signed up you can apply for any party that is open. Right now they have two Kraft parties(Red Bull Barbecue sauce and Oscar Meyers Hot dogs), Febreze, Bic and more. IF you are chosen for the party you applied for houseparty will send you a package that contains everything you need for a party. For a DIGIORNO one I did I got coupons for free pizza, pizza cutter, coupons for $4.00 off a pizza, a apron and many more items.

Right now I am a host for the Shrek/McDonald's party and the pics are just some of the items sent me for the party. I had also got shrek watches, shrek happymeal toys, coupons for free snack size Mcflurrys, coupons for free apple juice, arch card to buy food for the party and more.
So if you haven't done so go on over to and start applying for parties! You will not regret it.

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