Monday, July 11, 2011

I painted my sons toenails

I painted my sons toenails, twice. He wanted them painted and so I did it with dark blue nail polish. He even stopped biting his toenails so I could do it. Why did I go along with his request is what you are probably thinking. Here is my take on why I felt it was ok....

1) He hangs out with me (his mother), older teenage sister and baby sister most of the time. We paint our toes. He liked how it looked and saw we were all doing it so he wanted it.

2) This is not going to turn him gay. Honestly I don't know how anyone can say that about a 4yr old child, they don't even now what that means yet. If he is gay then he is gay, my painting his toenails when he is 4 is not going to make him so.

3) I painted my two younger brothers nails when they were little and the world didn't end

The reason for this post? People need to stop being so judgmental about things as little as this. My son is a sweet little boy who saw his siblings doing something he wanted to do. I let him do. I will leave you with this thought though...why is a girl considered a "tomboy" and not gay when she does what is considered "boy things" but a boy that wants/likes "girl" things is?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

How he proposed

Let me start off by saying that I had no idea he was going to propose that weekend. Here is the story:

We had made saturday night dinner reservations for a steakhouse called BOA and then were going to the Penn and Teller show after. I was looking forward to dressing up again as with three kids it does not happen alot. I wore a little black dress and he dressed up in his black suit. We decided to walk over since it wasn't far from our hotel.

We got to the restaurant, sat down and ordered our food. We both had steak and a glass of wine. After we finished our dinner and ordered dessert I finally decided to broach a subject that had been bothering me. I turned to him and told him that we needed to come up with a different name for what we were. That after 7 yrs boyfriend/girlfriend sounded silly and husband/wife didn't work because we are not married. I went on for awhile explaining my reasoning. I finally stopped to take a drink of my wine and when I turned back to him (we were sitting next to each other) he had the ring out and said "how does Fiance sound?" . After a moment of stunned silence I of course said yes.

It turns out he bought the ring the day before we left for Las Vegas and had been carrying it with him ever since. He was sure that my teen daughter had told me beforehand because I brought up the boyfriend/girlfriend thing (she didn't tell me).

Now this might not have been a fairytale proposal with flowers and one knee but it was uniquely ours.

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