Thursday, January 13, 2011

Princess Dilemma

I was reading Parents magazine and came across an article where they did an interview with Peggy Orenstein author of Cinderella Ate My Daughter. This article got me thinking about how much princesses and the like affected my teen daughter during her early years.

One of my favorite movies is Beauty and the Beast. So my daughter saw that movie a lot along with the other Disney princess movies The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. I bought her toys with princess themes and dress up clothes. We even went to Disney World where we met them. How did this all affect her? It didn't. She is who she is today not because of some princess movie I let her watch when she was younger or even for toys she played with. She is the way she is because of the things I taught her and the way she was raised.

I am not saying that some kids will not be effected by this entire princess attitude out there but parents have a job of deciding exactly what their child takes away from it. Yes my oldest is now 15 so it is different with all the clothes, toys and other things out there now. Kids now have Hannah Montana while she had Britney Spears but the same principles of what you teach your child are still the same. I didn't want my child wearing the short skirts that Spears was wearing so I didn't buy them. I didn't want her acting like her so I taught her how to act.

Us as parents need to teach our children what to take away from anything they see be it Princess Movies, cartoons or even everyday life. Also remember that these "princess" movies were made over 20 yrs. ago when values and thoughts were different.

I still have one more daughter to go that will go through the princess stage. Yes I will let her watch the movies, dress up and wave her wand. I will teach her while she is watching to be true to yourself, follow your heart, stand up for yourself, help others and always be kind.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

When will this sickness end

We started out the week with the two youngest kids sick yet again. C started to get a cold early Sunday night, by Monday morning is was worse with a barking cough we didn't like. After a trip to the doctors come to find out he had Croup. He has gotten better since and now just has a cold.
The youngest Izzy started out Sunday with a cold also. She still has it on top of getting her molars in. Talk about a crabby toddler. She has been whiny and fussy all week.
Then comes Friday night where not only I come down with a bad head cold but so does my BF. We have been sneezing, blowing our noses all weekend while trying to deal with two little ones that have colds and are starting to get cabin fever.
The only one that is not sick is the oldest B. She almost never catches anything we have. I just want this to end...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Artic Puzzle wrap up

We have had the Maclaren Artic puzzle for about a month now and we still love it. My 4yr old loves to do it once a day (usually after school) and I find it a great way for me to get a mommy break. I think he will be playing with this puzzle for awhile as I have found different ways to make it new once he gets bored with it. One way I have tried it taking a piece of black construction paper and covering the bottom of the puzzle board where the outline of the shapes are. This makes it a little tougher to do the puzzle and makes him use his thinking skills more.
I especially love this puzzle because of how sturdy and well made it is. I know that it will last past my son so his baby sister can use it. My only problem with it I wish there was a top to snap on or a bag to carry the puzzle in. My 4yr old has a tough time carrying it to where he wants it without the pieces falling out.

Maclaren produces alot of great items like strollers, toys , nursery and the beginning line of bath products. So check them out on twitter and facebook.

I received the Arctic Puzzle from to facilitate this review, the opinions expressed are my own honest opinions and were in no way influenced. :)

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