Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting old sucks

My birthday is Monday and I have to say getting old sucks. I am getting closer to the dreaded 40 and as I think back I wonder where the hell did all that time go? It seems like just yesterday I was wrestling with my younger brothers in the yard or playing Jail Break with the neighborhood kids. Now I am tired by 9pm and forgot about running around all day. Which leads to me to what for a birthday present.... Wii Active.

Now I know you are thinking "What? Who asks for that for their birthday?" but I really feel the need to get into some kind of shape after my last child. We have the Wii and I have heard great things about Wii active. Plus my two younger ones can make like they are playing with me when I work out. So that is what I asked for and hopefully I will actually get off my butt and use it. lol


Yes I will be talking about sex and sex toys so don't continue reading or stop if you are under 18 :)..........................

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to win at a twitter party hosted by Eden Fantasys a Fairy mini wand massager. I was really excited to try this out as I love trying out new things :). I was also pleasantly surprised by how fast I received my prize. Usually when I win from a twitter party it takes weeks for my prize to get to me. Eden fantasys had that out to me within days and I had it within a week.

I am in love with this massager. It has various speeds that go from nice and slow to really fast. The head is ribbed and flexible so it doesn't feel stiff when in use. I like the design on it as it makes it easier to hold when it use. The Fairy also comes with attachments that you can buy separately for even more fun. It even comes with a little cloth bag so you can keep it clean and hidden. The only thing I can see that might be a pain is that it is a plug in (no batteries) so you need to be near a wall socket to use it.

So if you are looking to buy anything new to spice up your sex life I highly recommend this. It works great and feels amazing. The Fairy Massager comes in different sizes so it is easy to find that works for you.

I received the Fairy wand massager as a prize from a twitter party and no other compensation ...the thoughts and opinions are all my own

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