Monday, June 28, 2010

My Febreze house party

I had my Febreze house party this weekend and it went great! With all the products that I was sent I was able to give everyone a goody bag and do a door prize for one each of all the samples and the apron. The party started out great indoors. I had opened samples and put them out in different rooms so people could see them and smell the new scents. I also did a little demonstration of each product and by far every ones favorite was the new set and refresh

After goodies and showing the new scents and products we took the party outside where there was swimming and golf! lol My siblings decided to take a empty pot and start trying to putt into it.

Here are some pics of the party

and after lol


  1. I love house parties and am bummed that I missed out on the Febreeze one. I love their products. glad you & your friends had a great time:)

  2. How fun! I need to check that out!
    Thanks for stopping by Vivobello & entering the contest!

  3. oh lucky. I haven't been accepted for a house party for a long time (like 2 years) I wanted to stop by and thank you for getting the ball rolling on entering the Abbamart giveaway on my blog. I'm now following your blog too. I can't believe i haven't already. I'm already following you on twitter and have talked with you several times ( mostly in twitter parties lol) @angiewith3


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