Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ten Tips for Planning a Unique Baby Shower

I haven't planned a baby shower in awhile but the ones I do plan I like to be unique in that they reflect the personality of the Mom 2 Be... here are some tips if you are planning one...

1) Have the party reflect the Mom's 2 be taste and not your own. She is a bit on the wild side? Use darker items. More on the girly side? Then use softer colors. I would use red and black or dark blue and chocolate for a mom that seems edgier and Pink/purple or yellow/green for a softer mom.

2) Think of having the party outside the norm..... how about a day at the beach? Or a day at the spa? For a spa party the Mom 2 be can be pampered with a pedicure, facial and manicure while the guests get mini ones. For a beach party have a cookout. Make some burgers and hot dogs and have the Mom 2 be layout on the beach with a drink.

3) For favors you can make up key chains or coffemugs with a cute baby or mom saying. You can also make bookmarks with a sonogram pic. They would give guests a great way to remember the shower.

4) Everyone likes to play games and two of my favorites are guess how round the belly is and guess the candy bar. For guess how round the Mom 2 be is, you give everyone some string and they cut it to where they think the length would go around the belly. The one closest wins. For guess the candy grab some diapers and stick some unwrapped candy bars in them. Everyone gets to guess what kind they are. The one with the most correct guess wins.

5) Food is important. Take into consideration whether your guests are gluten free or vegetarians. You can also serve up different types of fare like some Thai or Mexican. The one baby shower I went to had little slider burgers and some spicy noodles.

6)Everyone likes to get invitations and I love personalized ones. Tiny Prints has adorable baby shower invitations that are really affordable. Put a sonogram pic on there or just a pic of the mom 2 be showing off her beautiful belly. You can get some great ideas at

7) Everyone loves cake. Instead of cake though I like to do different flavors of cupcakes and frost them in the colors the Mom to be loves. If you have a bakery that does custom orders you can even put figures on top. For my Sister in laws bridal shower we had monkeys on top of all of hers.

8)Have a sideshow. You can have a sideshow playing on a TV or wall featuring the Mom 2 be as she grows up, gets married and other things. This would be a great way for party guests to reminisce about the mom 2 be and also for them to interact with someone they don't know.

9)Shower decorations... I love getting mine from party city but there are many places on the web you can order them from. Themes are great for baby showers. For my baby shower we did all animals because I wanted animals for the baby's room. Find out what the Mom 2 Be's theme for the baby's room is and use that for decoration ideas.

10) Keep the Mom 2 be happy and relaxed. If something goes wrong she doesn't need to know about it. Also when she is opening presents have someone stand by with a garbage bag for wrapping and to help pile up the presents out of the way. This way they are not cluttering up the party space.

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