Monday, July 11, 2011

I painted my sons toenails

I painted my sons toenails, twice. He wanted them painted and so I did it with dark blue nail polish. He even stopped biting his toenails so I could do it. Why did I go along with his request is what you are probably thinking. Here is my take on why I felt it was ok....

1) He hangs out with me (his mother), older teenage sister and baby sister most of the time. We paint our toes. He liked how it looked and saw we were all doing it so he wanted it.

2) This is not going to turn him gay. Honestly I don't know how anyone can say that about a 4yr old child, they don't even now what that means yet. If he is gay then he is gay, my painting his toenails when he is 4 is not going to make him so.

3) I painted my two younger brothers nails when they were little and the world didn't end

The reason for this post? People need to stop being so judgmental about things as little as this. My son is a sweet little boy who saw his siblings doing something he wanted to do. I let him do. I will leave you with this thought though...why is a girl considered a "tomboy" and not gay when she does what is considered "boy things" but a boy that wants/likes "girl" things is?


  1. such a adorable post, once my cousin asked me paint his nails, super cute

  2. SO glad you posted this! I remember when that story was out..People DO need to lighten up lol


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