Thursday, April 8, 2010


I am doing a blog! Whoo hooo! I guess I am going to have to learn how to post stuff now. lol A little about me...I am a mom (a stay at home one right now) and I love entering contests, clipping coupons and trying new things out. One of my favorite sites right now is Everyone should check this site out. They have different parties that you can apply for and if you get chosen to throw the party they send you a party pack with free stuff! I did a DiGiorno pizza one and it was great. I got coupons for free pizza for the party, $4.00 off coupons to give out, bead necklaces, coasters, a apron, pizza cutter and games to play. My favorite party they are going to be doing is the McDonald's Shrek party for Shrek 4 everafter that comes out May 22(I believe) so head over and sign up! They don't send spam and the parties are fun to host.

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