Thursday, December 16, 2010

Arctic Puzzle a few days later

We have had the Arctic Puzzle for about a week now and while my son is not as excited about it as the first day we got it he still loves to play with it. He hasn't tried to play with it on his own and the reason may be that it is kind of bulky for him to carry himself. He likes to be able to do things on his own (carry and such) and if he can't carry it himself to where he wants it whenever he wants to he gets a little frustrated.

Other then that he has been playing with it with us. He loves to do it with his father when he comes home from work each day. They look so cute sitting together at the table. He loves saying what each animal is before putting the animal into it's place. This also helps us because he has a speech delay and we can correct him without making it seem like we are.

Another thing I have noticed it that is my 14month old daughter also tries to play with it. Obviously she can't get the pieces in all right but she will sit with me and try to do it. It is really cute how she will stack them up first before putting them down.

This is a great puzzle and so far the only thing we have noticed is how bulky and heavy it is for my son to carry himself. I am going to remedy that by putting the pieces in a cloth bag so he will be able to carry it.

I received the Arctic Puzzle from to facilitate this review, the opinions expressed are my own honest opinions and were in no way influenced. :)

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