Sunday, January 9, 2011

When will this sickness end

We started out the week with the two youngest kids sick yet again. C started to get a cold early Sunday night, by Monday morning is was worse with a barking cough we didn't like. After a trip to the doctors come to find out he had Croup. He has gotten better since and now just has a cold.
The youngest Izzy started out Sunday with a cold also. She still has it on top of getting her molars in. Talk about a crabby toddler. She has been whiny and fussy all week.
Then comes Friday night where not only I come down with a bad head cold but so does my BF. We have been sneezing, blowing our noses all weekend while trying to deal with two little ones that have colds and are starting to get cabin fever.
The only one that is not sick is the oldest B. She almost never catches anything we have. I just want this to end...


  1. Oh no! Hope they start feeling better soon!

  2. Hope your kids are feeling better. I wanted to thank you too for putting my What We Won Wednesday button on your blog. I'm really excited to see it starting to pick up a little bit.


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