Sunday, March 6, 2011

Don't complain

My sister in law likes to complain about my mother. Which really is not that big of deal in the normal world because hey who doesn't complain about their mother in law. But in this case it ticks me off. Why? because my mother babysits her child for free. So her complaining about my mother not doing the dishes (which she specifically told my mother not to touch when she first started babysitting) gets me a little ticked. Then there are the dogs, not only does she babysit the 6 month old but also the 4 dogs they have.
Now my mother watched my youngest back when I was working full time. I knew there would be days when she needed or wanted to go out and had no problem with her taking my child. My sister in-law on the other hand does not want my mother taking my nephew out at all when she babysits. Really? You expect her to sit around your house 3-5 days a week doing nothing?
Then there was the couch issue. They got a new couch and my sister in-law was complaining to my sister that our mother got a stain on it and blamed the dogs. Now if my mother actually got a stain on it she would have fessed up and tried to clean it. I know this because she spilled sauce on my new living room carpet and promptly busted out the carpet cleaner. Second, you let the dogs on everything! The couch, the bed, you name it. So it is quite feasible your dogs got the couch dirty.
So far I have only got this second hand from my mother and sister (my sister and sister in law were best friends before they became sisters in law). I am waiting for the day that she slips and complains to me. They don't call me the mean sister for nothing.

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