Friday, March 18, 2011

I am fabulous

I am fabulous! Now why I am a fabulous you ask? Because I am me and don't try to pretend to be something I am not.
I am also loyal but if you do something that hurts or potentially hurts my family you are out. Case in point: I have 5 siblings (we are all pretty close expect for the second oldest who is a loner) and we grew up next door to a family that had two children. A boy and a girl..the boy B is a yr older then me and the girl S is about the same age as my younger sister. One night B,I another friend M and younger brother T went out drinking. B got really drunk. We got him to our parents house (remember he loved next door) and brother t (joking around) said something that pissed B off. So B grabbed him by the throat and went to punch him. Now B is like 6 foot and big while my brother T is 5'9 and skinny. B would have punched him but I stepped in between while M went to get B's dad. B's dad took him home and that was the end of the altercation. M and T have forgiven him but I on the other hand can't. I will still do talk to him when I see him out but no longer hang out with him.
I love my family. I am glad all of my siblings are close with the exception of one. I would do anything for them and drop everything to help them. Which I have done.
There are other things that make me fabulous but that would be one long blog post to type out and read lol.

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