Thursday, May 19, 2011

My father

My father passed away yesterday morning after a week and a half in the hospital. He went in because he was weak (could barely stand and couldn't swallow any food). After a couple of tests it turned out he had stage 4 colon cancer that had already spread to his lungs and other places. On top of this he had a hole in his bladder, a hole in his colon and his liver was shot. The hospital was great but we knew that there was no hope for him.

It is difficult as a child to see your once tall strong father go into being a weak stick person. It tore at my heart to hear him babble about his wallet and glasses because he was confused on where he was. I tried to visit him as much as I good but with 3 kids it was difficult to get out there everyday. I am glad that I have 5 siblings that were able to visit. My two youngest siblings T & K really stepped up and took great care of our father by going everyday.

My father passed away quietly with his mother and younger brother there with him. I am sad he is gone but happy he is away from the pain.

I love my father and will miss him everyday.

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