Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rawhides and My dogs

I now have two dogs. Our oldest dog is a golden retriever named Nala who is a little over 4yrs old and we now have a dachshund/Chihuahua mix named Coco who is 6 months old. We got Coco from my older brother who was having a hard time training her. I agreed to take her in because we love animals and since I am a stay at home mom I could give her the attention she needs during the training process. One of the problems that Coco has (and really all puppies do) is that she chews everything in sight. I am also big on all natural items for my children and my pets so when Pet-Ag sent me some all natural Beef hides from their Rawhide Brand to try I was very excited.

When they arrived I opened the package and immediately gave a little bone to Coco. She loved it! I would say that she spent about a good 10 minutes chewing on that little bone. My older dog Nala even took a beef hide and she is a really picky about which kind she will chew. I especially love that these Beef hides are Grass-fed beef hides and have no antibiotics, hormones or preservatives. They also didn't have a smell to them like other ones I have tried.

My dogs loved these beef hides so much they chewed through the package in a a little over two weeks. I have also not come home and found chewed up shoes or toys. They also took to hiding pieces from each other which I thought was cute.

.PetAg carries a great section of pet nutrition items for alot of different pets. So check them out for all your pet needs.

I received a pack of Beef-hides from PetAg to facilitate this review, the opinions expressed are my own honest opinions and were in no way influenced.

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