Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our walk around Niagara Falls

I grew up in Niagara Falls so I am always in shock when people say that is one of the places they most want to visit. Growing up the Falls was no big deal. You went down there for picnics in the summer or to walk around when it was really hot since the mist would cool you off. In the winter there was the festival of lights that you could walk around and look at. So after hearing numerous people say they would love to visit Niagara Falls I decided it was time to show my youngest daughter it.

I have heard from family members that still live there ( I live in the area just further away) that the area around the Falls has changed allot. I was not fully prepared for how much when we got there though.

One of the major things was you had to pay for parking. I knew that they were charging for parking now but the price to park on Goat Island (it overlooks the Falls) had my jaw dropping. It was $10, yes $10 (I am still in shock) Growing up parking was always free. We would drive to Goat Island, park and then do our thing. I had the most romantic kiss of my life on Three Sisters Island (they come off Goat Island) in the rain when I was a teen.

The area surrounding the Falls growing up was a mall (no longer there), the winter garden (a big indoor plant house attached to the mall) and the turtle (Native American history building shaped like a turtle). Now it is a big empty mall, the winter garden is torn down and the turtle is a tourist area. the walkways where they would have the festival of lights set up is now all banners proclaiming souvenirs. This is all clogging up what I feel should be a natural walkway way to the falls.

With that all said the Falls is still breathtaking. To stand there and see the water pouring over to hit the rocks below is awesome. Three Sister's Island reminds the same and is still my favorite part of Niagara Falls. Here are some pics I took on our day there.

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