Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mom they are singing a bad word

 Since my 6yr old loves music we gave him a Ipod shuffle for Christmas with some songs he likes already downloaded on to it.  The songs we chose were either ones he liked by the artist or Kidz Bop songs. We chose based on content and swear words in the songs. So it I was surprised when he came up to me after listening to the songs and proceeded to tell me he could not listen to one because it has the S word in it. It was a Kidz Pop song so I told him he was mistaken and it was ok to listen to it.

         After the 5th time of him listening to it and telling me there was a swear word I gave the song a listen. The S word that was the bad word in the song? Stupid. That led to a whole discussion of what bad words and bad bad words are. I then had to discuss with him when using the word stupid was ok (like this game is stupid) as opposed to when it was not (calling someone stupid). 

  This makes me wonder what other words I am going to need to explain. I need more wine. 

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  1. LoL In our house stupid is a bad word... One day I got called on it! Well, Im going to leave it that way for now... It forces me to use other words to explain something. :)


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